Rental Contract

Conditions and regulations for bike rental

Article 1 - Object

The present conditions and regulations for renting bicycles have the purpose of defining the rules for use and bike rental, as well as the civil responsibilities of Customers who rent bikes to Portugal Local Tours & Experiences (hereinafter called Portugal Local), on behalf of Carla Guerreiro, NIF 199851158, Lagoa, RNAAT n. 49/2022.

By signing the private conditions on the hire Contract, Customer is accepting the general rental conditions and regulations described herein.

Article 2 - General conditions

Bicycles and equipments rented to Customers by Portugal Tours are exclusive property of Portugal Local. This bicycles and equipments are to be used in leisure or tourist tours.

Article 3 - Rental conditions

a) At the time of the rental, the Customer is made known to the conditions of this agreement and the specific conditions of the hire Contract, which contains the information of Portugal Local, the customer's information, the characteristics of the vehicle(s) and the equipment(s), as well as the state in which it is, and the rental time period;

b) The Customer who is identify and signs the Contract is the person responsible for all the equipment included on the contract. It is always necessary to present an Identification Document at the time Customer pick the equipment;

c) Young people under age of sixteen years may use the bycicle and the equipmente provided that parents or guardians are present and sign an authorization. The Customer who signs the hire contract claims to be responsible for the minor.

Article 4 - Security deposit

Portugal Local may request a security deposit to pick up the bicycle(s) and equipment(s) and a photo Identification Document. The amount of the security deposit will be full refunded, except for expenses with breakdowns or services not contemplated at the time of rental, which will be deducted from the security deposit. The minimum security deposit amount varies depending on the type of bicycle and equipment to be rented.

The Customer authorizes making these adjustments in the security deposit as soon as the amount of the adjustment is determined. The security deposit does not cover the full value of the bicycle(s) and/or equipment(s), and in case of theft the amount of the security deposit will be withheld to reduce the total cost of the equipment. When the price of the rented bicycle is not stipulated, its considered the price of a new similar bycicle deducted on 20%.

Article 5 - Use of the bicycle

a) The Customer must always make prudent use of the bicycle in order to maintain its proper maintenance, operability and safety, as well as other users who accompany him. The Customer who sign the contract is responsible for all the other users. In case there is a need for any participation by Portugal Local due to an anomaly, this is always done to the Customer;

b) Customer can not carry third parties on the rented bicycle, except in a chair for children weighing up to 22 kg;

c) Portugal Local can refuse the rental of the bicycles and equipments when the Customer:

  • do not present valid documentation;
  • is visibly under the influence of alcohol;
  • do not offer a guarantee of prudent use and care of the bicycle;
  • do not pay the requested security deposit;
  • have previously violated the rental conditions.

Article 6 - Rental Rates

The price varies depending on the vehicle(s) and/or equipment(s) and time of use. Pricing conditions are available on the website of Portugal Local (

The delivery and collection of the bicycle and equipment in a diferente place from the usually pick and drop place (Rua Dr João Lúcio, nr 60 r/c, 8400 Lagoa), at customer's request, and within a distance of 5km its free cost, up to 5 km has a cost of 15€ (fifteen euros), up to 25 km has a cost of 25 € (twenty five euros), for greater distances the price will be the agreement between the Customer and the Hirer.

Article 7 - Terms of Payment

The customer makes payment of 20% at the time of booking and the remaining 80% in the delivery of the bicycle(s) and/or equipment(s).

Article 8 - Return of Bicycle(s) and Equipment(s)

a) The Customer must deliver the rented bicycle and all other equipment rented to Portugal Local in a place to be agreed between the parties and mentioned in the contract. Delivery must be made until the expiry of the rental period, under penalty of having to pay the excess of the time of use;

b) If the Costumer does so before the expiry of the rental time, he will not be reimbursed of any amount;

c) The Costumer takes all the responsability for losses, theft ou total/partal destruction of the bicycle or equipment;

d) The non-return of the rented bicycle or equipments can result on a criminal complaint for the practice of theft, against the civil responsible of the contract. The amount of the daily rental of the respective bike will be counted as remaining daily costs. Daily price will be charged until its restitution or the process will be complete;

e) If the bicycle is stolen from the Customer, the Customer shall immediately make a criminal complaint to the police authorities. Still being responsible for paying the value of the bike. When the price of the rented bicycle is not stipulated, its considered the price of a new similar bycicle deducted on 20%. In the event of a security deposit, this amount will enter the hit;

Article 9 - Customer Responsibilities

a) The customer will be responsible for any damage caused to the rented material, and in case of accident, must compensate Portugal Local for the importance that becomes necessary for the total recovery of the loss, which also adds the daily price with regard to the time of equipment downtime. It is also responsible for compensation for damage caused to third parties;

b) The rental of the bicycle to the Customer does not imply any liability or personal accident insurance from Portugal Local. This responsibility is always of the Customer.

Article 10 - Reservations and Cancellation Policy

a) Advance booking guarantees the availability of the bicycle for the chosen period. Not being able to Portugal Local rent to other Clients, therefore the equipment available to the Customer.

If the bicycle is not picked up on the day and time established it will remain available for the Customer until 24 hours. After 24 hours the bicycles will be available to rent to other Customers, and there is no refund of the reservation amount;

b)If the reservation is cancelled 24 hours before the pick-up day and time, the amount to be refunded to the Costumer will be 50% of the total amount reservation;

c) If the reservation is cancelled 48 hours before, the entire reservation is refunded without penalty;

Article 11 - Breakdowns

a) In case of any malfunction on the rented equipment, the Customer should immediately contact the Local Portugal and deliver the bicycle to the place where the pick-up was made. The amount of the missing rental period will be exchanged for another bicycle or refunded;

b) If the malfunction was caused by the Customer's misuse, the Customer must pay for the bicycle collection in the amount of 25,00 € (twenty five euros) in distance of 25 km, above this distance will be charged the amount of 0.50 € (fifty cents) for each extra kilometer.

Article 12 - Accidents

A Portugal Local is not responsible for any accident that occur during the rental. Therefore, Portugal Local alerts the Customer to comply all the rules of the country's road code and during the use of the bicycle.

Article 13 - Omitted cases

For cases omitted under these conditions and regulations, the parties will use the applicable law.

Place and date,

The Costumer,

The Hirer,